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Grey College Trust Funds

Dear Reader

I trust this letter finds you well…

After 60 years at Grey I was requested to stay on as fundraiser for the Grey trusts.

The  Jock  Meiring Trust  endeavours  to  improve  the  infrastructure  of  the school(eg the sandstone of the four national monuments which, after a century, is in a state of disrepair  – the rental of the scaffolding will cost almost R 1 million!).

The Bram Fischer Trust launched by Nelson Mandela endeavours to raise funds to enable boys  who  would  otherwise  not  be  able  to  afford  it,  to  indeed attend  Grey. More and more top boys cannot afford tours or equipment due to a lack of funds and we would love to support them and keep them at Grey.

I humbly request that you consider a donation to either or both Trusts.    All funds will be put to excellent use. I last year wrote brochures on the school and the projects which have to be    initiated in order to keep the school relevant today and beyond… It also contains  information on tax  benefits and/or BEE points.

If you wish, I could mail the brochures to you if you would be kind enough t o  let me have your postal address. I am also willing to visit you anywhere in SA.

I am not good at raising funds, but  through my involvement in education in many different schools, I realise where Grey could be headed. For me it is a matter of the heart which keeps me close to  the place that moulded me and,  through the cricket coaching I still  do, involves me with the Grey Gentlemen who remain my source of oxygen…

Thank you in anticipation for your loyalty to our Alma Mater!

Warm Grey regards
Johan Volsteedt