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Beursaansoeke | Bursary Applications

Beurse word elke jaar toegeken aan verdienstelike aansoeke in graad 8 en 10.

Bursaries are awarded every year to worthy applicants in grade 8 and 10.   

Grey vandag en vorentoe | Grey today and beyond

The main purpose of the school is to provide identity and in doing so, unleashing the potential of each individual. It is therefore essential that a good school caters for the multi-facetted talents and interests of its learners.
Grey must ensure that Grey learners leave school with meaningful skills that will allow them to access or create jobs instead of joining the unemployment queue. Schools, including Grey, must be transformed to remain relevant.

Grey has over decades followed an agenda for distinctiveness and human development based on excellence in academic activities, sport and cultural activities; leadership and human interaction. Elasticity to cope with any kind of ability must be fostered at all times. Intercultural understanding is key and is central to much that happens at Grey.

So much potential is available at Grey and it is incumbent on the school to develop it to the ultimate peak for each learner. The success of Grey boys at academics, sport and cultural activities is proof of the quality of the inputs into their lives but also of the vast potential available.
This must be developed and requires modern facilities, equipment and expertise which have to be acquired and renewed and revitalized on an ongoing basis. If this does not occur, the school will actually stagnate.


It bears the name of the legendary headmaster from 1922 to 1948, Jock Meiring.
Many of Grey’s lasting traditions stem from the impact and influence of a great headmaster who endeared himself to all by his loyalty, respect for learners and teachers alike and his wisdom in guiding the school along the path of parallel medium education.
JC van der Walt (matric 1959), regards Meiring as the “architect of the Grey of today.”


The Trust was established to raise funds to improve the facilities at the school.
The school governing body identifies projects and provides the Trust with a priority list.


Abram Fischer, commonly known as Bram Fischer, (23 April 1908 Bloemfontein – 8 May 1975 Bloemfontein) was a South African advocate of Afrikaner descent, notable for anti-apartheid activism and for the legal defence of anti-apartheid figures, including Nelson Mandela at the Rivonia Trial.
Prior to studying at Oxford University (New College) as a Rhodes scholar during the 1930s, he was schooled at Grey College and Grey University College in Bloemfontein.


The Bram Fischer Trust requires funds to allow boys who cannot afford it financially to attend Grey and to benefit from its unique system of education.

Our plea is that you will assist us as a strategic partner and contributor in order to continually provide the most modern facilities to boys from diverging backgrounds and to develop the school from day to day.
Any educational institution which leads young people from ignorance to knowledge MUST adapt, change, develop and grow, otherwise it will stagnate and so will the people who inhabit it.
Leaders have a vision for the path ahead and realise that innovation is essential.
This vision can only be turned into reality if funds are generated on an ongoing basis.

Your involvement will ensure that young men will enjoy the best education possible and will then be able to serve their country and their fellow-men well.

For Grey to be soundly managed and operate efficiently, it must be insulated from economic difficulties. .
We rely not only on your love for our alma mater, but also on your generosity.

Your Contribution

  • Every Old Grey, parent, individual or company that contributes to these funds, can rest assured that the funds will be collected and spent in the best interest of the education of the Grey gentlemen who attend this school!
  • Every contributor may indicate to which of the Trusts the contribution should go and also for what specific project it should be utilized.
  • Contributions can be in the form of a once-off payment or can be contributed over a period of time.

Your contribution will:

  • Ensure a vibrant, diverse, distinctive school that will serve South Africans who will enjoy a world class holistic educational experience.
  • Guarantee that Grey remains a broad-based learning organization with an institutional culture, structures and processes which must continuously be scrutinized and redesigned to remain relevant.
  • Maintain the traditions of Grey as the foundation stones for development and progress.
  • Be an investment in the human capital of the future and will touch the hearts and minds of countless Grey boys.

Recognise and reward the competencies, skills and achievements of staff and learners.

Benefits to Contributors

  • Contributions to the Bram Fischer Trust will earn BEE points for you/your company.
  • Contributions to the Jock Meiring Trust will receive a tax benefits.
  • The names of donors will appear on a special plaque in the Reunie office.
  • Contributors will receive a unique Grey Trust tie.
  • Companies / corporates may request advertising boards or naming rights at specific venues.
    Benefactor categories:
  • GREY LOYALTY                  R 1 million +
  • REUNIE                                 R500 000 –R999 999
  • GREY GEES                        R250 000-R499 999
  • GREY GENTLEMEN           R100 000-R249 999
  • GREY SPAN                         R25 000-R99 999
  • GREY SHAKE                      R5000-R24 999
  • OLD BELL                             up to R4 999


When the school celebrated its 150 birthday in 2005, the question, “QUO VADIS”, was posed. The answer comes from a renowned ex-educator from Grey: “When the occasion demands it, the Grey boys always come up to scratch.”

At the laying of the foundation stone of the Reunie Hall in 1928, Stuart Franklin said; ‘IF THE PAST IS AN INSPIRATION, THE FUTURE IS A CHALLENGE .”

Every person with an interest in education and the development of our country, should accept the challenge to support the Jock Meiring and the Bram Fischer Trust!

Grey College invites you to assist us in our endeavours in the interest of every generation.

Vive la Grey!

Projects funded by the Jock Meiring Trust

Lys van projekte waarby die trust betrokke was:

Sandsteenprojek – die geboue wat as Nasionale Gedenkwaardighede verklaar is, is gerestoureer.

Hamilton Hall – die opdienarea is opgeknap

Preprimêre Skool – nuwe klasse is opgerig

Primêre Skool – nuwe klasse is opgerig en die ablusiefasiliteite is opgeknap

Sekondêre Skool – nuwe wetenskap-laboratoriums is gebou

Die speelgronde langs die nuwe wetenskap-laboratoriums is omhein en die walle is netjies gemaak deur muurtjies en trappe.

Tuck Shop – die gebou is gerestoureer en die bedieningsarea is verbeter

Murray-en Brillhuis – die ablusiefasiliteite is opgeknap

‘n Muur is om die nuwe kragopwekker langs die Tuck Shop gebou

Nuwe krieketnette is opgerig

Astrobaan is verbeter met ‘n nuwe dug ou.

Nuwe hoofingangshekke

Donasies | Donations

To make a contribution:

Jock MeiringTrustCheque

Account Number:  240-306-384Standard Bank

Branch No:  051001Ref: Jock +your surnamePlease send POP to


Advertise your business on the Grey College Trust advertisement screen and you can get maximum exposure at a minimum cost. Funds will be allocated to the Trust.

Dimensions:1920 x 1080

Format:Mp4 / Jpeg

Cost:R500 (incl.VAT) per monthR6900 (incl. VAT) per annum


To advertise:

Jock MeiringTrustCheque

Account Number:  240-306-384Standard Bank

Branch No:  051001Ref: adv+yoursurnamePlease send POP to

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