Elementor #10842

Official Examination Policy of Grey College Secondary School

Duties of learners

  1. No school bags/study materials are allowed in the examination venue.
  2. Please note that a NO cell phone policy is implemented during the examination.
  3. Calculators are permitted for Mathematics, Maths Literacy, Accounting, Physical Science and Life Sciences.
  4. Learners may not borrow anything from another learner during the examination.
  5. Learners must be at the venue by 08:15 in order that the examination may commence at 8:30. [Approximately 15 minutes prior to commencement to open with scripture reading/prayer, verify absences, make necessary announcements and hand out question papers].
  6. Learners who report late for the examination will not receive any extra time.
  7. Learners may leave after the examination has been written.
  8. Should the length of a question paper be 1 hour, learners must stay for the full hour before they may hand in and leave.
  9. Should the length of a question paper exceed an hour, learners may hand in and leave after 2/3 of the allocated time has passed.
  10. This arrangement applies to all grades.
  11. Learners may not occupy themselves with any other activities while they are in the examination venue.
  12. Should learners not write an examination on any one specific day, they may remain at home/ the hostel to study (applicable only during formal examinations/ not during mini-examinations).


Control measures

  1. Head of department provides class lists to invigilators.
  2. Invigilators use class lists to indicate absences on the day of the examination.
  3. Final session invigilators must ensure that learners sign next to their name on the class list when the question papers and answer sheets are handed in.
  4. Learners must hand in question papers together with their answer sheets.
  5. The list of absentees must be handed to the head of department before 12:00 on the day of the examination.
  6. The head of department must verify these absences with the members of his department.
  7. Absences must be verified with Ms Juanita Nel before 13:00 on the day of the examination.
  8. Ms Nel will contact the parents of the learners who are absent. 


  1. Any learner who is absent for a subject(s) without approval of the school, will receive
  2. Any learner who is absent for a subject(s) and cannot present a medical certificate, will receive NIL
  3. Should acceptable reasons be given or proof of absence can be provided, the term mark (SBA) will be converted to a mark that can be entered on the SAMS system.
  4. Should a learner be absent for a subject’s second or third question paper, the marks for the paper(s) already written will be converted and entered.


  1. No question paper may be written at any time prior to the official examination date of the subject as stipulated on the timetable.
  2. Should permission to write earlier be given:
  3. the paper will be written on the same day as it scheduled on the timetable
  4. the paper will be handed in after the learner majority has started writing the subject.