Welkom | Welcome

Mnr. Braam van Wyk
Skoolhoof | Principal

Die jaar wat was - 2020.

The past year has been a challenging one and the presence of an invisible intruder namely the Covid-19 pandemic has redefined not only education in South Africa but has also changed society, in general. However, it remains a huge privilege and responsibility to be the principal and educational leader of one of South Africa’s leading traditional boys’ schools. This I do not take lightly and one to which I remain wholeheartedly committed. We are, however, immensely fortunate and blessed with all the facilities and learning opportunities that we can offer to both the learners and staff.

Die uitdagings wat by Grey Kollege Sekondêr ondervind word, is nie uniek en eiesoortig aan die skool nie, maar is kenmerkend nie net van onderwys vandag in Suid-Afrika nie, maar die Suid-Afrikaanse samelewing as ‘n geheel. Dit bly egter die skool se visie en missie om verantwoordelike landsburgers wat beduidende verskille in ‘n voortdurend-veranderende samelewing gaan maak, deur die skoolhekke na buite te stuur. Opvoeding wat waardegedrewe is, kan egter nie in isolasie plaasvind nie en die skool het die personeel, ouers en ander belanghebbendes se ondersteuning hierin meer as ooit nodig.

A sincere word of thanks to our boys, staff, parents, Old Greys and the community for their support this year and for being part of the movement that is Grey College Secondary School. I also thank my wife, Hildalize, and family for their support in what has been an extremely challenging year.

Hierdie jaar se pieke en valleie kon net bereik en oorkom geword het met die krag van ons Hemelse Vader wat nie net Grey Kollege Sekondêr nie, maar ook ons as gesin se lot bepaal. Fillipense 4:13 lees “Ek is tot alles in staat deur Hom wat my krag gee”, en hierdie teksvers is vir seker wat ons as gesin staande gehou het in hierdie onsekere tye.  

I quote from Kitty O’Meara’s prose poem And the People Stayed Home inspired by the Covid-19 pandemic, which has inspired thousands of posts on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube: “And when the danger passed, and the people joined together again, they grieved their losses, and made new choices, and dreamed new images, and created new ways to live and heal the earth fully, as they had been healed.”

May Grey College Secondary also be healed and, once again, join together, grieve their losses and remain an educational institution that will enable our learners to continue to make new choices, dream new images and create new ways to live.

May our beloved Grey College go from strength to strength.